Arena City Soccer and Sports
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Current week's information

                                               Rain Outs will be posted here!!!!!

All Weather canceled Games have been scheduled but some are flip flopped & moved to another date because so many games had to be Rescheduled! Mondays are used for Coed & Men's Soccer along with the regular game days.

Arena City Soccer is the Fastest Soccer in Charleston and the only Place around that plays Off The Walls!!!

Team Sponsors can display a banner during the season being sponsored. Banner size is limited to 2' x 5' or 3' x 5'. Details are available.

                      We Play Off The Walls
We are located at: 9 Farmfield Ave, Charleston,SC, 29607 email Patty if you want to play at ... or call     

                                                         (843) 763-6080


Games for the Week March 2nd to March 8th
Monday, March 2nd, ***Men's & ***Coed Soccer make up & Coed Dodge Ball


***@ 6:30 Coed - Walkie Talkie  VS  Sexy Soccer
@ 7:30 Ct.1 We'd Hit That  VS  Body Count
@ 7:30 Ct.2 Ballsagna  VS  Roost
***@ 8:30 M2 - Voo Doo  VS  Good Fellas
***@ 9:30 M2 - Killaz FC  VS  Real Salvatierra 

Tuesday, March 3rd, Coed Recreational Soccer 

@ 6:00  Archattacks  VS  Gone Arena
@ 7:00 Dynomo Gonzo  VS  Seis Hermanos
@ 8:00 Pattaters  VS  Avondale Shuffle
@ 9:00 Chaos  VS  Wave


Wednesday, March 4th, Coed 1st & 2nd Division  

@ 6:00  Yogi Ballers  VS  Ram Rods  
@ 7:00 Rock & Rum  VS  Sexy Soccer
@ 8:00 Smooth Obturators  VS  Walkie Talkie
@ 9:00 Butt Ler  VS  Glory Days

Thursday, March 5th, ***Men's Second Division Soccer Make Up Games 

Game times start at 6:00

***@ 6:00 M2 - Killaz FC  VS  Wine & Design
***@ 7:00 M2 - Hooligans  VS  Orange Guys
***@ 8:00 M2 - Good Fellas  V
S  Arsenal
***@ 9:00 M2 - Voo Doo  VS  Real Salvatierra 

Friday, March 6th

Games for the Week March 9th to March 15th
Monday, March 9th, Coed Dodge Ball, ***Coed & ***Men's Soccer Make Up Games

***@ 6:30 C1/2 - Rock & Rum  VS  Glory Days 
@ 7:30 Ct.1 Ballsagna  VS  We'd Hit That
7:30 Ct.2 Roost  VS  Body Count
***@ 8:30 M2 - Hooligans  VS  Real Salvatierra 
***@ 9:30 M2 - Pullin Hose  VS  Killaz FC  

Tuesday, March 10th, ***Coed Recreational Soccer  RAIN OUT MAKE UP

***@ 6:00  Chaos  VS  Archattacks
***@ 7:00 Seis Hermanos  VS  Avondale Shuffle
***@ 8:00 Gone Arena  VS  Dynomo Gonzo
***@ 9:00 Pattaters  VS  Wave


Wednesday, March 11th, ***Coed 1st & 2nd Division Make Up Games  

***@ 6:00 Mis Fits  VS  Yogi Ballers
***@ 7:00 Smooth Obturators  VS  Sexy Soccer
***@ 8:00 Palace Hotel  VS  Ram Rods 
***@ 9:00 Walkie Talkie  VS  Butt Ler

Thursday, March 12th, ***Men's Second Division Soccer Make Up Games

***@ 6:00 M2 - Triangle  VS  Hooligans
***@ 7:00 M2 - Orange Guys  VS  Arsenal
***@ 8:00 M2 - Wine & Design  VS  Voo Doo
***@ 9:00 M2 - Good Fellas  VS  Pullin Hose

Friday, March 13th


         Arena City Soccer is available to rent by the hour,for team       practicebirthday parties or your group's Pick up soccer.
     We have lights and concessions with cold drinks, snacks & Beer
            2015 Arena Soccer Player Pass will be $25
             2015 Dodge Ball Player Pass will be $10
 Arena is the Fastest Soccer in Charleston

Sponsorship is easy! Sponsorship forms are available if you have a team sponsor. The sponsor can display a banner at the Arena on the fence surrounding the Arena & field if they pay $350 or more. Sponsors will need to supply the banner! Banners no larger then 2 x 5 feet or 3 x 5 feet. Large banners will get destroyed from the elements and will not be displayed.  

Arena City Soccer is available for Birthday Parties for adults and kids. It's also the perfect place for pre season or an end of the season team party!

We play Soccer & Dodge Ball at the parties too so it is just a really fun place to have a party. Rates are subject to field availablity, time of day and if a party coordinator is needed. A deposit will secure the date & time and will be refunded if inclement weather cancels the party rental.  

Just click on the "Schedule" tab to find Next Week's Game Schedule 

as well as Season Team Schedules and Season Standings

Registration Forms are available Above ^^^. All players need to fill out a waiver.

Arena City Soccer and sports wants you to come Play here! We play Off The Walls and outdoors so come and get your game on!!!
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